Why Keyword Research Is Important For Your Blog?

The most important thing to remember when you want to make money online is to know and the keywords that will work for your site. Not all the high paying keywords will work for everyone, but if you choose a list of medium paying keywords, you want to build a site upon then may be you will end up earning more. While others having sites with high paying keywords may not earn as much as you do. The thing to remember here is that you should know the market pulse and your strength so that you deliver what you promise to your audience. Remember you write for your audience and not vice versa.

So how do you approach to keywords that will work for your site? Learn about the keywords that generate more traffic whether high paying or not is a secondary matter of concern. Your site may rank number 1 for a set of keywords but if these keywords bring in very small traffic to your site then you will end up losing a lot of money. On the other hand, if your site ranks number 1 for a set of keywords searched regularly on the web then you will get continuous and quality traffic to your site that you can convert to cash very easily.

If you know what is hot in your niche and you deliver it to people, your site will be popular and there will be no scarcity of traffic to your site. Google now lets you know how many pages are available for a particular keyword right from its search box. You can use other tools to find out the popular keywords searched over the past 3 months.

Next thing you need to know is the number of sites and the quality of content you are competing against in order to reach the top. For example, there are over 1 billion pages competing for ‘make money online’ that could be reduced if you narrow it down to ‘make money online from home’,’ make money online by from filling’.

You need to consider the search volume of a keyword and the number of websites competing for it. The sites showing up as top results for a high density keyword cannot be competed against as they have optimized their site for that keyword plus they have done lots of link building to stay on top of search results for that particular keyword. Getting on top of search results for a low volume keyword is easy but you will get scanty traffic from it. You need to strike a right balance in between the two extremes to be successful in making money online. You need to optimize your site so that you get sufficient traffic for the keywords you have optimized your site.

To be successful you need to build a site around keywords referred to as buying keywords. By buying keywords I refer to keywords which would be searched when one to buy a particular product or service. For example, which would be the buying keyword among the two ‘discounted jeans’ and ‘variety of jeans’. Never try to optimize your site for misspelt words or grammatical mistakes as Google has an algorithm which auto corrects these mistakes and often sites with bad grammar do not appear in search results for target keywords.

You need to provide your readers with high quality content. The interest of your readers should be your top priority when you decide to write on a particular topic. You need to give what you reader wants and expects from you, substandard content optimized for a particular keyword is a big NO in this case. Give your best and you will get in return what you deserve from your readers.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Keywords are something which need to be chosen smartly so that our sites can ranked well in the SEO.

    I have seen people how they go for high paid keyword research and how they end up in loosing lot money from their side,
    as they do not have the relevant data in their content, thus people do not want to go along with them.
    In fact medium ranked keyword could be more effective in ranking our sites well and making us a lot of money at the
    end of the day.

    I have always struggled with my key word research and I am always learning new tactics to get a suitable keyword for my

    Thanks for the share.


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