Why Organic SEO Is Very Important For Your Blog?

Search engine traffic is the best and highly targeted traffic that is very important for any blogger. There is nothing better than getting organic traffic day in day out to your blog. Search engines are changing their algorithms every single day in order to weed out irrelevant sites and provide a user with only relevant and quality content on any topic. There are methods to manipulate your search engine rankings for a given set of keywords but it is only yields results for a very short time. It is better to get search engine traffic without changing too much on your blog.

The main emphasis should be placed on genuine and quality content which others would want to link to without any hesitation. There are few basic rules that you need to follow for organic search engine optimization.

1. Use English as a primary language of your blog.
While most of the bloggers keep giving this advice, often most bloggers totally ignore this fact. Most search engine bots understand only English language. In addition, there are penalties for improper use of Grammar and spelling mistakes, hence you must proof read your posts before you hit the publish button. This will help you improve your search engine rankings as your site will be white listed by search engines. In addition, search engines will index your new posts faster.

2. Use appropriate titles for your posts.
Search engine bots only index fist 100k of any webpage and hence it is very important that you highlight the topic of your post. The main content or body of your post should match their description of your post title. This will help search engine index your site for relevant keywords and your site will rank better as compared to others.

3. Use Keywords at important places on your blog.
The best place to use targeted keywords is the title of your blog and your blog posts. There are other places like introduction of a blog post, Meta description and alt tags. You may also include keywords throughout the article, in links column on the sidebar and list pages.

4. Use keywords in anchor text.
While linking to another web-page use anchor text consisting of keywords instead of just a simple link like click here. The same holds true for linking to internal pages of your site. Vary anchor text and keywords in order to get traffic for related keywords.

5. Create easy navigation pages.
The navigation to other pages of your site from your homepage has to be easy. Thus, it will be easier for search engine to index all the pages on your blog. In addition, your readers will find it easier to search for content they are looking for.

If you want to get into the details of organic search engine traffic, you should join forums dedicated to search engine optimization.

What to do as a blogger?
Look around your blog – your blog title, your post titles and your Meta and alt tags. Use targeted keywords at all important places like blog title and description and Meta tags. Image names also should contain keywords instead of no attributes at all. The reason that all successful blogs receive traffic is due to Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the most important thing if you are looking to make money online because the traffic generated using is free and has a high conversion rate as compared to traffic received from any other source.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    No, doubt SEO is the main thing which is the backbone for almost every blogger. People want to that their sites do rank` well
    in the SEO so that more and more traffic could be attracted to their blogs and they can have a win win situation.

    Its also true that the Google is changing their search algorithm every day, so that people do get only the desired thing
    which they want to get regarding their query. Thus a lot of things is needed to be done in order to rank our sites well in the

    Getting the right keyword is very important, as this one is the only thing when a user type to find out their related question
    while browsing through the web.
    Using keywords in anchor texts is something new I am learning over here. I have always struggled in finding the right keywords for
    my blog and I am working regularly on this.

    Thanks for the share.


  • Fantastic advice. Great to remind us about what to do with SEO

  • Great work. Really helpful information. Keep it up good work. All the best. Thank you.

  • Thanks for sharing these helpful SEO tips.

  • I practice all of these tips and it good to know that I am doing the properly or at least to the best of my ability!

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