Why Twitter Is Less Popular Among Women?

Twitter is an effective tool for marketing and brand promotion. It is an instant source of driving traffic as compared to other sources like search engines. If you are using Twitter for some time, you will notice that number of male users is more as compared to females users. Let us understand the reasons why Twitter is less popular among women.

Women tend to differentiate between their personal and professional lives very well. This holds true in general but more so in case of social media. Women use blogs as a source of information, especially when they are looking for a service or considering buying a product. Most women use social media to keep in touch with their loved ones.

More than 50% of the women who spend a major part of their day being online are actively involved in blogging and are a part of one of the major social networks like Facebook. Women use social networks only to keep in touch with their friends and relatives and not to derive information or get insight about a product or service. This is very important piece of information to keep in mind, as women are involved in majority of online purchases.

Women are twice as more likely to use blogs as an information source when it comes to business or spending their money wisely on goods and services. They are also inclined to use blogs as a source for advice and a means for sharing their opinions. According to a recent study conducted by an independent agency, the likelihood of women using social media for marketing and promotions is 50% less as compared to men.

Another important point in this discussion is that most of the women are part of only one social network and visit only once a week. There are many psychological and personal reasons involved but this does not deny the fact that only 40% of the total users of Twitter are women.

What this implies is that women generally prefer only a single medium for communicating with friends and family. It also means that they are hesitant to deal with people who they do not know personally. Twitter is a platform for rich and famous persons like celebrities and sports persons as per general belief among the users.

Women who blog are more active across various forms of social media. Women who blog actively participate in social media marketing and other related discussions. They are constantly seeking out new ideas and methods to express their opinions on the things happening around them.

This indicates the fact that focus is shifting from the traditional media to the online media. This is the power of online advertising. Women are now more inclined to buy an item after reading about it on a blog than watch the ad about the same product on TV. When it comes to buying digital products, women trust only online resources and reviews.

Women bloggers are three times more likely to share a good experience about a particular product or service and four times more likely to share a bad experience on their blogs as compared to men. Therefore, this demands that one should be very nice and kind to women bloggers as they have a huge impact on other non-blogging women friends and family and the blogger community.

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  • This is an interesting post. I used to have twitter but found that it was more of a hassle and an annoyance than actually helping my blog so I got rid of it last fall.

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