Why You Must Link To Other Blogs To Be Successful?

There is an age old saying “You reap what you sow”. In context of blogging and specifically in link building it can be very similar. Link to others in order to get others to link back to you. Giving is thus very important in this case as it is to receive. Blogosphere is supposed to be a place where a blogger connects with his readers through his blog. Thus, he builds a micro community consisting of him and readers of his blog.

Blogging revolves around building up a central idea. A blogger discusses about a new idea and other bloggers pick up the idea and expand or evolve it. Giving credit to the blogger who came up with the initial idea by linking to the post is necessary. This happens rarely these days mostly Facebook and twitter are used for mass communication. In addition, bloggers hesitate to link to other blogs thinking that they are increasing the competition by doing it.

There are number of sources that direct readers to your blog. Majority of sources direct readers to your site using a link which can be either a do follow or a no follow link. Both of these are important in terms of incoming traffic but when it comes to getting your site in top positions in search engine rankings it is the do follow links that are very important for your blog. Search engine is very important part of online marketing. Everyone uses Google for finding an important piece of information online. When you type a query in the search box, you get response in the form of links. Internet search revolves around links to relevant content.

Importance of links for getting traffic to your blog
Search engine ranking revolves around links pointing to a particular site or a web page. The site or a web page having maximum number of incoming links ranks higher as compared to site having few incoming links. It is not just links but also the anchor text used while linking to other site is very important in case of search engine placements. Furthermore, not only the amount of links that matter in search engine placements but links from trusted sites also play a vital role.

Thus in turn you are essentially directing readers to a particular website for the anchor text you have used to link to that site. Take time to explore the blogosphere and your niche, link to stuff that you find useful and interesting to read. Also, please keep in mind that you link to other sites using keywords that will help boost their search engine ranking and in turn help them get more traffic to their blog.

Why to link and who to link from your blog?
It is a well-known fact that no blogger can cover a topic extensively in a single post. Sometimes even a series of posts are not enough to cover a topic. There are number of bloggers and blog posts written on the same topic. It is always better to link to some of the posts from other blogs. In addition, you must link to sources you have referred to while writing the post. Using content from other site without giving proper credit is termed as plagiarism and is one of the most annoying thing for any blogger. Sharing is caring and the best bloggers are the ones who think of not just themselves but others as well.

Reasons for linking to other blogs

1. It is utmost necessary to link to sources you have referred while writing your post. If you can refer your readers to quality content on other website, they will highly appreciate it.

2. Regularly writing about the recent incidents in your niche brings credibility. It also tells your readers that you take time to keep abreast with latest developments in your niche. It also tells readers that you have good relations with other bloggers in your niche.

3. If you link to other blogs without any selfish motive and keep on sending traffic to his blog regularly, the blogger would realize it sooner rather than later and would like to help you out in some way by sending traffic or linking to your blog. This can have a positive impact on your readers and can help you get some blogging friends globally.

4. Links from other blogs with proper anchor text can boost search engine placement of a site. While it is good to get a few links from other blogs but it must not be overdone. There are sites over doing it and end up suffering from search engine penalty, often missing valuable search engine traffic.

What to do as a blogger?
Find some articles relevant to your current post and link to it from your blog. It is of utmost important to know what is happening in your niche and for this you can do better if you can subscribe to top blogs in your niche. In addition, you can keep an eye on hot topics on Twitter and Facebook. Regularly visiting these sites can help you find an article you can relate to and link from your blog.

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  • Hello Neha,

    Great tip over here 🙂

    If we want to rank better in the eyes of Google then we must play the games of links Linking others so that they can link us
    back is the main key to create a win win situation for us. But I never thought that linking our blogs with other blogs
    would be so effective.

    Blogging is all about sharing and caring, if want to shine then we need support from others. Helping out others without
    any interest is the main thing we need to do, selflessly helping out others is the main thing.

    Thanks for the share.


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