Why You Need Multiple Websites To Earn Money Online?

If you think having a website is fun, wait until you try building two, three, four, or more! However, what is the payoff? Why bother doing such a thing, when you may already see maintaining a single website as a chore? Easy! Multiple websites help build traffic to your homepage, and that can equal more sales.

If you are looking at starting Internet business, your hands may be full. To top it off, you may be dreading some of the tasks that are in your future. As an entrepreneur, though, you have to do all the parts of your job that you do not like, as well as indulging yourself in the parts of your job that you do like.

Sadly, some people include making their website on the list of things they do not like to do. This is especially true among those who are new to the world of online business. For some, there is still an indescribably mysterious aura surrounding the creation of anything online. It is hard for them to believe that you do not need to be a computer programmer in order to put up a great webpage.

The truth, of course, is that, these days, it is easy and fun to make a website. In fact, I’m going to suggest that, while you’re at it, you should go ahead and make several other web pages at in addition to the main one you put up in support of your business.

This, you may have figured out by now, is another article about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A big part of SEO is to spread across your webpages all the keywords related to your business that you got from your keyword research tools. Once you have created a list of high-ranking keywords, you need to get them out and around on your web pages.

If you can spread them out around a couple–or more—different websites, the entire better!

If you are blogging, you are already doing this. Each blog entry that you publish is, in itself, a webpage with a unique URL. Are you ensuring that a mix of your keywords are there in your blog entries? If not, fix that!

However, a blog is not the only possibility open to you, and the more creative and innovative you can get, the greater the rewards you are putting yourself in a position to receive.

Now, I am not suggesting that you create multiple storefronts or artificially divide up your company in ways that just don’t make sense. Rather, you should continue to regard your company’s home page as the heart of your business and the focus of relationships between you and your customers.

However, what about a companion website that shows the history of your product, offers a users’ forum where people can discuss your product and how it is used, or something else that no one but you can think of? Take some time to think and to brainstorm. Ask your colleagues–and even your customers–what they would like to see. You may find that your customers are happy to give ideas for new ways you could be engaging their interest.

Remember that these need to be independent web sites with unique URLs. They should not just be additional pages that are part of your main site.

Pages like these offer free information and resources for your customers—a feature of online commerce that has, for better or worse, become the accepted norm. They also maximize the use of your keywords. The more independent websites that use your keywords and point to your company, the better the prospects are for traffic to your homepage.

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