Why You Need To Submit Articles To Article Directories?

This process is very important in bringing one way links and traffic to your site. Whenever you write an article that you believe is very important and can do wonders for your site; you need to write a complimentary article (or a summary that is different from your main article) and submit it to article directories. This serves two purposes it gets you a one-way back link from the article directories sites (as most articles are do follow) and free traffic if your articles are helpful for the readers. While writing articles one thing to keep in mind is that articles need to really helpful and full of fluff and claims that you cannot support by any concrete stats and figures.

The best place to add a link back to your site is about the author box at the end of the article. If you do this within a very short period, you have gained hundreds or thousands of back links depending upon the number of directories you have submitted your articles to and the quality of your articles.

The articles that you write keeping in mind free article directories must be really helpful and eye-catching. The articles should give your readers a strong reason to visit your site. Here are some of the key points you need to keep in mind while writing articles for article directories.

• Offer them to visit your site to get a free report on the topic.

• Ask them to visit your site for concluding part of the article.

• Ask them to visit your site to know more about you and your blog.

• Tell them to visit your site and subscribe to your blog if they liked your article.

Submitting articles to article directories is time consuming and there are thousands of such directories where you can submit your articles. It is difficult to do it manually and hence one can use software to do it. There are few automated software which can submit your articles to thousands of directly instantly with click of a button.

One disadvantage of this technique being that some bloggers would use your article on their site without giving you credit or linking to your site. However, it is small disadvantage as compared to numerous advantages. There are a few bloggers writing articles on their site and few days later submit to article directories.

One needs to be very careful as search engines are becoming stricter on penalizing sites with duplicate content. Hence, it is much advisable to write two separate articles one for your site and other for submitting to article directories.

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  • These are some really great tips that I had never considered. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hello Neha,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    I never knew that writing articles and submitting it to article directories is so important. I was totally unaware of this
    topic and you have clear most of my doubts over here.

    Good to know that submitting our articles to directories would be great to bring us good amount of traffic to our blogs.
    Every body wants that to be happen with their blogs.

    Its also good to know that we need to craft two different articles if we want to submit it to the directories, one for our web
    sites and other for the directories.

    Thanks for the share.


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